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Administrative responsibility for companies |

Administrative responsibility for companies

Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, governing “the administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies and associations, including those that are not legal entities” introduced in Italian Law the criminal liability of entities for certain offenses committed in their interest or advantage.

The regulations under this decree, which have been subjected to subsequent changes and additions, apply to many cases of crime, including those committed against public authorities, corporate offenses in breach of the rules on occupational health and safety, the environment and IT offences (cybercrime).

Pursuant to said decree and as evidence of its commitment to effectively preventing offenses, Linea Più has adopted:

  • A Code of Ethics, which sets out general ethical principles, namely the reference values or rules of behaviour towards the main stakeholders, which all employees and collaborators at all degrees and directors are required to comply with;
  • An Organisational Management and Control Model under Legislative Decree no. 231/01, defining general principles and specific control methods aiming to prevent potential offences, which all corporate subjects, especially top management, are required to comply with.

The company has, under Legislative Decree no. 231/01, set up and appointed a Supervisory Body, a collegiate body that reports to the board of directors, the main tasks of which are to supervise implementation of the Organisational Management Model, verify its adequacy and suggest any improvements.