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Corporate Governance |

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance adopted by Linea PiĆ¹ complies strictly with the applicable law and is intended to ensure the utmost synergy between its divisions in terms of management, direction and control. It ensures that the business is run with the utmost responsibility and transparency towards the market, in view of creating value for the shareholders and pursuing corporate social and environmental objectives.

The members of the corporate bodies are required to perform their tasks in accordance with the principles of correctness and integrity, refraining from acting in situations of conflict of interest in their activities. They are also required to:

  • behave in accordance with the principles of autonomy, independence and strict compliance with the corporate guidelines in their interrelations, when acting on behalf of the company before public institutions and private individuals;
  • participate regularly in and be informed on the corporate operations, make a confidential use of any information coming to their knowledge when performing their tasks, refrain from using their position to gain direct or indirect unfair personal advantages;
  • make sure that all communication activities comply with the law and rules of conduct and take the necessary steps to protect price-sensitive information and industrial secrets.
  • comply with the applicable law and principles contained in the code of corporate governance.