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Corporate Values |

Corporate Values

These are the principles guiding those who work for the Group on a day-to-day basis and implement the corporate policy.

These rules of conduct are to be adopted by everyone at all times in order to help define the “character” of our operations.



LGH is a group in which everyone should feel empowered and responsible for the maintenance and development of their own skills, the proper execution of the tasks assigned and the achievement of business objectives, being aware that “what we do” and “how we do it” is decisive to the achievement of the success of each individual and the Group as a whole.

In our Group everyone should feel responsible for the role assigned and the work performed, working to the best of their abilities, with knowledge and a sense of duty. Each employee should act with consistency and transparency, keeping in mind that the interests of the company are the interests of the residents and the entire community. Our managers have the task of guiding their staff, making them aware of their role and training new generations of workers.
In our relations with customers, this means combining the ability to offer transparency to the end user with that of producing value and generating margins. In providing local services, this means serving as a benchmark in managing and minimising the risks associated with work, by promoting corporate interests, while keeping in mind the interest of the residents. In the construction and management of infrastructures, this means not only acting in accordance with the rules and regulations but also designing and managing them so as to ensure strict compliance with the environment and the people who live there.



In the Group everyone should feel committed to working together and achieving shared goals. Pooling forces by encouraging a cohesive, pro-active dialogue is the key to real professional growth.

No one is an isolated individual: each action is part of a series of activities in a process where the best result can only be achieved by the contribution of all those involved at a company and group level alike. The skills and roles played by each of us are of fundamental importance for the success of the Group, by pursuing an active listening policy aimed at valuing people so as to enable them to express their potential, creating a cohesive and constructive climate that facilitates communication and the exchange of knowledge not only within the individual companies but throughout the Group. In our relations with customers this means working side by side throughout the entire supply chain, keeping in mind that our business process starts with purchasing and ends with after-sales services. In local service management, this means complete willingness and transparency in our work and guaranteed continuity of service.



Our field of operation requires dynamism and the ability to see beyond our horizon, making plans with a vision of what our future will be. The choices we make today aim to meet our requirements for growth and the future needs of our customers.

We are striving to create solid future prospects, which means thinking about how our group will progress and how the area where we live will develop by providing a prompt response in terms of technological solutions for process optimisation.
All this requires investments in innovation and technology, which will enable the Group to create more and more links between service networks and people.
Each of our current initiatives is conceived in view of the impact and consequences it will produce tomorrow.
In our relations with customers, this means increasing our customer base, by establishing long-lasting relations supported by a transparent offer; in terms of local services, this means combining expertise and awareness of our work and creating the conditions for a consolidated future by anticipating the requirements for engineering solutions; in the construction and management of infrastructures, this means focusing on local requirements, in the knowledge that the adoption of increasingly new technologies will be the key element for future competitiveness.


All the employees working for the LGH Group are required to stand out in their integrity, which implies working:

  • correctly, by respecting others and keeping to the commitments undertaken;
  • honestly, by respecting business standards and rules;
  • fairly and transparently, by dealing impartially with all internal and external customers.

If we are to be considered a trustful entity by our stakeholders, we must be consistent, transparent and correct in managing a complex organisation such as that of our Group. Personal and professional fairness to create valuable relations with our customers, based on openness and effective communication: that’s the only way to make a difference! We pursue our objectives with loyalty and competence and maintain this behaviour not only outwardly but also with our “internal customers”, i.e. our colleagues.
In our relations with customers, this means contractual fairness and simplicity: the customer must be in a position to understand clearly if we are to gain his trust; in the management of local services, this means adopting an open approach and exchanging information, as an opportunity for generating a benefit rather than a loss, by fulfilling the obligations assumed both personally and professionally.