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Mission |


A personalised relationship between company and customer

The mission of Linea Più is to retain customer loyalty and increase its turnover by acquiring new customers, which can be achieved by establishing strategic alliances to gain a strong foothold in the area.

This involves:

  1. defending the quality of service at all costs
  2. maintaining a relationship with customers based on confidence, by providing direct assistance through information counters and a very careful modulation of billing;
  3. adapting its organisational structure as required;
  4. improving the supply price of raw materials;
  5. preserving direct relationships with customers;
  6. strengthening its presence with the area served.

Corporate values

These are the principles guiding those who work for the Group on a day-to-day basis and implement the corporate policy.

These rules of conduct are to be adopted by everyone at all times in order to help define the “character” of our operations.